Who We Are

Our names are Seth and Jenna Herlich, and we have big dreams to someday travel the country and play music. 

We started dating in 2012 when Seth was a senior and I was a junior. We dated for 5 years until we were finally married in May 2018 after a long road of long distance and life events.

One thing that always connected us was our love of music. A couple dates into our relationship, we sat down at a piano and sang "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." As cheesy as that song is, it began a long history of music together! I shared my middle school compositions, Seth wrote me an impromptu love song, and we sang in choir together. Throughout our time apart we also shared music with each other to keep us going. 

Now we're married, and music has found it's way into our lives in a completely new way. We sing and play for our church regularly, which has raised a spark of interest in doing this more often. We love playing music together and look forward to playing as the highlight of our week. 

Our goal is to play at churches, coffee shops, and restaurants around the country. We thank you for all the help and support we have already received in this exciting adventure!

Jenna Herlich