New Demo Video Out!

We would like to announce our official debut as Him & Her!

On Youtube, you can now find our video of us covering the Gnarls Barkley song "Crazy." Find the video here

We collaborated with many talented people in order to get this far, but the most influential people were our two friends Jon Witte (@jwitte) and John Wildauer (@johnwildauer). 

Jon Witte worked on the visual portion of the video. We went to Saint Croix Lutheran Academy to record in their beautiful copper-lined chapel. The acoustics and visuals were amazing there! Jon did a wonderful job, as always. He actually was our wedding photographer and kicked butt showing off the best day of all time. He's a close friend of Jenna, having gone to college together and hanging out with the same group of goons. 

John Wildauer was a surprise addition to the shoot, but it was proven quickly that his work was super important! He helped us create quality audio, which meant singing through the songs several thousand times! He edited the audio to perfection and sent them over to Jon! We've known John for several years, having gone to high school with him. Seth actually played in a band with him during those years as well. 

We're thankful to Jon and John and also all those who have supported us thus far! Thank you for watching, listening, liking, subscribing, thinking, and praying for us! We're really excited for this demo video and the next, along with our new content that we will release soon. 

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