We can’t do what we do without you.

The nature of ministry is a symbiotic relationship between a church and a person. The person expands, enhances, and supports the mission of the church. He pours his heart and lifts up the name of Jesus so that more people can hear God’s saving message. The church grows and supports the person by making sure his daily needs are being met.

Our church is the Church.

All Christians who have heard our message, listen to our songs, and are blessed by what we do are our church. We have now played to thousands of people across our country. We find joy in sharing this message with people around our nation, and we pray that they have found that same joy in that beautiful gospel.

If you have been blessed by us our our message, would you be willing to make a part of your giving to our ministry? Would you want to hear more of the gospel proclaimed by us? Your financial help keeps our ministry moving and shaking; with God’s help more people can hear the Good News.



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